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Application areas of the pipe industry

2020-10-16 16:33:11 Jiaxing Nanyi Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Read

        With the development of chemical industry technology, it is now possible to produce non-toxic grade pipes, so it has the properties of general polyvinyl chloride and has added some excellent properties. Specifically, it has the advantages of good corrosion resistance and flexibility, so Especially suitable for water supply pipe network.

       First. Tap water piping projects (including indoor water supply and outdoor municipal water pipes), because UPVC plastic pipes have the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, no scaling, protection of water quality, and prevention of secondary pollution. Today, the production of environmentally friendly products is advocated, as an ideal "green building material" for protecting human health, it has been widely promoted and applied in China and even the world.

       Second. Water-saving irrigation piping project. Compared with ordinary irrigation, the use of UPVC drip irrigation system can save water by 50%-70%, while saving fertilizer and pesticide consumption, and crop yield can be increased by 30%-80%. Today, China lacks water resources and backward agricultural production and irrigation methods. This has great social benefits for promoting the development of water-saving agricultural production in China.

       Third. Piping works for construction.

       Fourth. UPVC plastic pipe has excellent insulating ability and is also widely used as a conduit for post and telecommunications cables.

       Fifth. UPVC plastic pipe is acid and alkali resistant and corrosion resistant. Many chemical plants are used as infusion piping. Others are also used in well sinking engineering, medical piping engineering, mineral brine transportation piping engineering, electrical piping engineering, etc.

       Because UPVC pipe is not conductive, it is not easy to chemically react with salt, acid and alkali, so it is difficult for such items to corrode, so it does not need outer protective layer and inner lining when using it. And its better flexibility also overcomes the shortcomings of the past brittleness of plastic pipes.


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