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Performance characteristics of UPVC pipe

2020-10-16 16:32:30 Jiaxing Nanyi Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Read

       The raw material of PVC pipe is mainly polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, plastic pipe without plasticizer. Now with the development of chemical technology, it is possible to produce non-toxic grade pipes, so it not only has the properties of general polyvinyl chloride, but also adds some excellent properties. Because of its corrosion resistance and flexibility, it is especially suitable for water supply pipes.

       UPVC pipe is not easy to react with acid because it is not conductive. Alkali. Salt undergoes an electrochemical reaction, so it is acid. Alkali. Salt is difficult to corrode it, so no external anticorrosive coating and lining are needed. And the flexibility is good, which overcomes the shortcomings of the brittleness of plastic pipes in the past, and can yield under load without breaking. There has been such an experiment: Put a DN50mm UPVC pipe on the ground, and a Crown 3.0 car was driven on it. The pipe was only flat but not broken. Then we let the Dongfeng car full of cargo press over the pipe, and the pipe is just deformed and not broken. In addition, UPVC pipes have a smaller elastic modulus, which can reduce the amplitude of pressure shocks, thereby reducing the impact of water hammer. The U-PVC pipe has a smooth inner wall and low resistance (UPVC pipe has a resistance coefficient of 0.009, while a general galvanized pipe. The cast iron pipe has a resistance coefficient of 0.012-0.013), so it is obvious that the hydraulic conditions are good. When pipes with the same diameter are used to transport the same liquid, the resistance of UPVC pipes is about 30% lower than that of galvanized pipes and cast iron pipes; when the head loss is the same, the water delivery capacity of UPVC pipes is more than 20% larger than that of cast iron pipes. Since the inner wall of the UPVC pipe is smooth, the liquid will not flow in the inside and will not scale, so its conveying capacity will not decrease with the increase of running time.

       UPVC pipe does not scale, can inhibit the growth of bacteria, and is beneficial to protect water quality from secondary pollution of the pipeline. Therefore, UPVC pipe has a wide range of application prospects, especially a large number of buried pipes in front of users' water meters can use it.


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