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CPVC pipe performance detailed introduction

2020-10-16 16:31:35 Jiaxing Nanyi Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Read

        CPVC pipe is a new type of material, and its application in China has just started. It has been widely used in various industries in some developed countries. The following introduces the various properties of CPVC pipe.

       Strong corrosion resistance: Whether in acid, alkali, salt, chlorinated, or oxidized environments, CPVC pipes are exposed to the air, buried in corrosive soil, or even at a high temperature of 95 ℃, the inside and outside will not be corroded , Still as strong and reliable as the original installation;

       Smooth and clean pipeline: The surface of CPVC pipeline is smooth and clean, and it has less friction when conveying fluid, and bacteria and scale are not easy to grow and adhere;

       Strong and pressure-resistant: CPVC is stronger than polyolefin materials, so it requires less clamps and brackets. Under the same pressure, the pipe diameter of the pipe is smaller than that of the polyolefin pipe, while achieving the same flow rate, saving materials and installation time;

       Good flame retardancy: CPVC has a limiting oxygen index of 60. The pipeline does not spontaneously combust and does not support combustion. It also has the characteristics of limiting smoke and does not produce toxic gases;

       Good insulation performance, low thermal expansion: CPVC has low thermal conductivity, which can save most of the insulation materials and construction costs in winter, and will not be distorted;

       Good shock resistance: CPVC pipes have good elastic modulus, shock resistance and can greatly reduce the water hammer effect;

       Excellent aging resistance: CPVC pipes have excellent aging resistance and anti-ultraviolet properties, making their normal service life much longer than other pipeline systems;

       Simple construction: CPVC pipe has a small specific gravity, the connection method is the same as that of PVC, and no other materials are needed;


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